Our Vision

We strive to ensure we protect and respect the environment, whilst ensuring we educate and enjoy the challenges mountain trekking presents for our team & clients.
Our porters come from a variety of backgrounds, orphans to parents having to support large families.
Our goal is to educate, promote and reward them with fair work place practices.
Said Salim joins our team and combines the experience of being the founder of Usambara Adventures. Said will bring more treks, wildlife adventures, safaris, providing once in a lifetime experiences for all visitors to Tanzania. Together we can make a difference, safe, affordable and personal travel tailored experiences for all.

Sustainable Trekking & Safaris

What we take in we take out.

WildLife Ecology

Preserving our National Park eco-systems for future generations.

Guided Mountain Trekking

Provide safe quality guided trekking services for clients, guides and porters.

Porter Welfare

Ensuring our porters, Chef, guides are treated fairly, by adhering to Tanzania Association of Tour Operators best practices.

Mt Kilimanjaro Information

Please see the available route options below.
Please contact us for further trip options.

Available Route Options

There are seven official trekking routes by which to ascend and descend Mount Kilimanjaro: Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Mweka, Rongai, Shira (we do not use), and Umbwe. Deciding on the best route to take depends a lot on how much preparation, level of fitness and time available for your expedition. Acclimatisation is critical, Please see below for guidance. For those that wish to prepare for Kilimanjaro, MT Meru is a great option.

  • Umbwe

    5-6 days
  • Camping Only Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • This is the steepest & hardest of all routes
  • Recommended for experienced climbers
  • Acclimatisation profile:GOOD
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  • Marangu

    5-6 Days
  • Lodging available, "Coca-Cola" Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • Known for the land of flowers
  • South east approach to Uhuru descend same trail
  • Acclimatisation profile: GOOD
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  • Machame

    6-7 days
  • Camping Only, "Whisky" Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • High success rate & scenic value
  • East approach Uhuru, descend Mweka trail
  • Acclimatisation profile:EXECELLENT
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  • Rongai

    6-7 days
  • Camping Only Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • Less crowded, Wilderness, borders Kenya
  • North approach Uhuru, descend Marangu trail
  • Acclimatisation profile:EXECELLENT
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  • Lemosho

    6-8 Days
  • Camping Only Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • Rain forest, Wildlife & Good Success Rates
  • Western approach to Uhuru, descend Mweka trail
  • Acclimatisation profile:EXECELLENT
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  • Mweka

  • Camping only Route
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • For Machame,Lemosho/Londrosi and Umbwe
  • Final 1 -2 days this route is used to descend
  • Acclimatisation profile: N/A
  • MT Meru

    3-4 Days
  • Lodging Available
  • Fully Catered B/L/D
  • Transport to Arusha NP, trek begins Momela Gate
  • One Route, Miriakamba & Saddle Hutt, views of Kilimanjaro
  • Acclimatisation profile:Excellent
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Our Team

Our team is made up of local Tanzanians based in Arusha and Moshi with
support from our volunteer New Zealand design team.

Said Salim profile

Said Salim

Tourism Operator

Usambara Adventures Tour Guide, Ecologist and Tour Organizer since 2003, Said is well educated with regards to Tanzanian Floral and Fauna, history.

Jacob Profile

Jacob Ndesamburo


Trained High Altitude Guide And Wildlife Ecologist. Jacob promotes and supports local guides and porters development.

Porter Profile

Our Porters

Porter Welfare

We use local guides and a team of Porters, and support training of new recruits, with the hope of promoting them to guides.

Greg & Murine Profile

Greg Fenwick & Murine Lai

Creative Directors

Greg & Murine are co-founders and donate their time to creating and hosting the website for our organisation.